Ministry is the heart of ILC Riverside! Our church offers a diverse range of ministries that provide meaningful opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Worship Team

At ILC Riverside, we are committed to create an atmosphere of prayer, praise, and worship in every service where people can experience the glorious presence of God. Our Worship Team works diligently in preparation and practice while exercising sensitivity to the Spirit as they foster an environment where the Word can be received.

All Things Ladies

All Things Ladies is a ministry for women that meets together monthly. Come receive encouragement, discipleship, and healthy fellowship with other women in our church family.

Men's Fellowship

Regularly, the men of ILC Riverside meet up for breakfast with Pastor Brown and often a special guest speaker. This is always a great time of food, fellowship, and learning, so be on the look-out for a Men's Breakfast in our announcements.

Foundry Youth Class

Our youth class, Foundry, is a group focused on developing disciples in the next generation. Teaching is not only doctrinal and spiritual, but very practical and deals with the difficult questions facing young people today. We invite all youth up to 35 years old (that have never been married and without children) to join us for this exciting class where strong spiritual foundations are forged. Beyond the class, our young people also meet at Pastor's home monthly for coffee and fellowship, as well as participate in many other activities, trips, and events.

Sunday School for Kids

Our Sunday School, open to kids from toddlers to age 11, is all about having fun while learning about God. We focus on developing our youngest disciples using exciting activities, Bible stories & principles, games, and trivia to help kids understand the Bible. Our dedicated team of background-checked teachers and volunteers work hard to ensure a safe and nurturing environment where kids can bond with each other, enjoy snacks, and grow spiritually.

Seasoned Saints

Our Seasoned Saints (50 years and older) meet at the Janet Goeske Senior Center every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 1:00pm for engaging Bible studies led by Sis. Betty Rocha. These gatherings foster deep friendships and spiritual connections, which often lead to participants visiting our church. In addition to Bible studies, the Seasoned Saints group meets regularly for fellowship, prayer meetings, and fun day trips.

B-Free Addiction Recovery Group

B-Free is our powerful, 20-week, faith-based addiction recovery program designed to help people break free from addictions and cycles of any kind (e.g., drug, alcohol, emotional, etc.) by strengthening their relationship with Jesus. B-Free group meets every Sunday at noon, right before our Sunday Service. We are also court-approved for a 2-hour sign-off with the first hour being the class and the second hour being the church service immediately following. Join us for healing, restoration, and growth as we break the chains of addiction!

Riverbed Outreach

Our Homeless Outreach Ministry is actually where our church began in the Santa Ana Riverbed near Market Street. We meet there on the last Saturday of each month to connect with our homeless community and share food, water, clothing, hygiene kits, and the hope of Jesus with them. This is made possible through the available and generous donations, which can be dropped off during any service time. Volunteers offer essentials, support, and spiritual growth opportunities while praying and listening to the needs, allowing us to deeply connect with this community. Thankfully, we have already witnessed God's power to rehabilitate out of this community.

Grounded Coffee Shop

Where We Take Our Coffee Seriously

Grounded Coffee Shop is where we come together for post-service fellowship. Our baristas can serve you up a latte, matcha, hot chocolate, Shirley Temple, and much more. Every first-time guest gets a free drink as a warm welcome to our church family. Beyond coffee, we offer resources, including books, Bible study materials, mugs, and logo merch. Each contribution directly supports our building fund. Join us after each service for coffee, conversation, and connections.

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